New Year’s Resolution Strategic Planning

New Year’s Resolution Strategic Planning

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

With the New Year quickly approaching, you may be ready to make your New Year’s resolution. This is good, but did you know that you don’t have to? Some experts encourage you to wait. Yes, some do actually do. Why is that?

1 – New Year’s is a stressful time.

The New Year is right after the holidays. Many people gained weight from eating holiday foods, spent too much money on Christmas gifts, and so forth. Yes, you may want to change now, but you are more likely to succeed when you don’t rush and give it time.

After the holidays, you have so much on your plate. In fact, you may have too much. You may find it overwhelming to make a New Year’s resolution, let alone try to keep one. This is where it is important to remember that New Year’s resolutions are designed to improve lives and reduce stress, not create more.

2 – You do not have to rush.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions because they feel like they have to. There is no law saying you have to create a goal for the New Year or that you have to make your goal right away. If you are serious about improving your life or making a change, think about a resolution before deciding on one. Don’t wait until someone asks you at 11:30 on New Years Eve. Instead, plan ahead or wait until the time is right for you to make yours.

3 – Poor weather isn’t getting you down.

Most areas of the United States, with a few exceptions, experience poor weather conditions during the first of the year. Depending on where you live, the New Year and the month of January may greet with you wind, snow, ice, freezing rain, and cold temperatures. The weather impacts our body and emotions in a number of different ways. You are more likely to stick with a goal when your mind and body are in the right mind frames. For most, winter is not that time.

For example, are you overweight? If weight loss is your New Year’s resolution, you may have trouble in the winter. If you avoid gyms, you are essentially left with the option of exercising in your home. If you wait until the weather is nicer, it will be easier for you to lose weight. You are provided with fresher, in season vegetables, and beautiful weather for walking or exercising outdoors.

4 – No pressure from friends and family.

Since most individuals celebrate the New Year with friends and family, you will have those around you asking about your New Year’s resolution. If you aren’t ready to make one, say so. Most will understand. With that said, resolutions are often scrutinized. So, do you want to lose weight, but only have about ten pounds to shed? If so, you will hear about it from others. This pressure may cause you to change your New Year’s resolution, but it shouldn’t. You only need to worry about you and you alone. For that reason, wait until the pressure is off.

5 – Because you can! As previously stated,

New Year’s resolutions are optional. Although they are a good thought and a nice way to create a life changing goal, they are not required by any means. This means that not only can you not make a resolution, but you can make it anytime you want. So, if you want to wait do so because you can.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should hold off on making a New Year’s resolution. Of course, you don’t have to. A New Year’s resolution is not a race. You can make a resolution and not start working on it for a few months. However, why not just opt for a springtime or summer resolution? If it is easy for you, then do it!


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How To Optimize The Health Of Your Eye Vision System

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

How To Optimize The Health Of Your Eye Vision System

How to optimize the health of your eye vision system is the purpose of this article post.
There are at least 6 areas that should be given sufficient consideration:

Eye Exercise Success Stories

  1. Nutrition
  2. Regular Eye Exercises
  3. Life style habits
  4. Regular physical exercise and outdoors activities
  5. Quality sleep and rest
  6. Environment, home and work environment

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

How to optimize the health of your eye vision system starts with the question, Are you getting all the Essential Vitamins and Minerals?

Vitamins and Minerals that the Eye Vision system needs? For Your Eye vision system to perform, and to renew and to maintain at optimal levels? I guess for most people the answer is No. It is natural for people to assume that good health continues with minimal effort and attention paid to the food and nutrition requirements and the regular physical outdoors exercise requirements for the human body and the eleven organs systems to function optimally.

The human body is miraculous, how it maintains all of the systems and keeps the machinery running smoothly without the need for the human will to intervene in the everyday affairs of that machinery. Therefore, is it easy to become complacent and lazy in feeding and walking the system every day just as if you had a pet that need regular daily exercise to keep it normally healthy.

Too many people have fallen into the habit of being entertained. Entertainment via TV, movies and Social Media channels. Over indulgence in Entertainment can lead a person to fall out of reality and assume the world of physiological reality of the person to continues even if the person has switched off reality and stopped engaging in it physically. Therefore no engaging physically to the physical needs of the human body, that contains the eleven organ systems. As a physiological unit the whole system with eleven organs systems needs to be worked physically, to engage it with walking, jogging, running, climbing, swimming, rowing, cycling, skiing, surfing, walking and much more. It is all necessary to be physically alive on the planet earth.

Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula:

Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula

How to Optimize The Health Of Your Eye Vision System with the Essential Nutrients.

There has been research done into the eye vision system, to research what parts for the eye vision systems requires nutrients, what type of nutrients and in what amounts.
The researchers have discovered that there are 17 different vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that have been linked to better vision health and protecting the eye vision system.
All those people that do not know this truth about the eye vision system nutrition requirements for these 17 vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements, their eye vision system health could be missing out on vital nutrients.
There are also dangers to the eye vision system, and the real possibility of increasing the chances of being diagnosed with a potentially blinding condition like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. These eye conditions can be avoided and reversed if the nutritional requirements are observed, and sufficient attention given to the maintaining the eye vision system healthy.

The logic of this natural preventative remedy is real, reliable and rational logic. It is as simple as if you had some farm/pet animals at the family farm. Let’s say you had 17 farm/pet animals at the family farm, and it was your responsibility to feed them regularly, at least once a day.

How would you go about feeding them? Would you bother to find out what the farm/pet animals were? If you bothered to find out what they were, then you could cater to the farm/pet animal nutritional needs. Let’s say there were some 3 chickens, 2 lambs, 2 cows, 1 horses, 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 goat. Could you feed all of them with the same food? Of course not. You could not feed all of them with cat food, or dog food, or the hay that you would need to feed the cows, horse and the lambs. They all have individual food nutrition requirements.
Therefore, it is rational to think each of the eleven organ systems as individual systems, but they also work together as a unit. They do have individual nutritional needs, specific variations in the type and the quantity of the nutrients. The eye vision system needs specific essential nutrients for the eye vision system to work optimally. It really is that simple. To pay attention to the needs of the human physiological systems.

Optimal eye vision health

How To Optimize The Health Of Your Eye Vision System With 17 Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements.

Here’s A List Of The 17 Vitamins, Minerals, And Herbal Supplements provided by the Rebuild Your Vision.
The following list is in alphabetical order.

Essential Nutrient #1: Alpha-Lipoic Acid

There’s an army in our body that helps prevent cellular destruction caused by toxins and environmental factors or free radicals. That army goes by the name of antioxidants and you can find them everywhere – in the darkly pigmented fruits like grapes, hiding in yummy chocolates and juicy red meats too!

Prevent Macular Degeneration

Alpha-lipoic acid is so healthy for your body that some people refer to it as the perfect antioxidant. It’s special because it is so versatile in that it helps to deactivate all sorts of different potential damage from free radicals. It also helps your body to effectively reuse vitamins C and E so that you get more oomph from your vitamins!
Alpha-lipoic acid can help prevent and deactivate potential damage from free radicals caused by inadequate diets, smoking and sunlight.

Essential Nutrients #2 & #3: Bilberry and Bioflavonoids

Bilberry is long-thought to be a fruit that helps improve your night vision. It is closely related to the cranberry and high in a bioflavonoid that helps your eyes have more of the purple pigment rhodopsin, which helps you to see better. A flavonoid is a pigment, like purple, that has an excellent antioxidant quotient to help your body fight off free radical damage.

Bilberry and Bioflavonoids are so well-regarded as a way to help night vision that British pilots in World War II are said to have consumed bilberry jam in order to improve their night vision! Consuming flavonoids like bilberry has been linked with a reduction in heart disease, macular degeneration, legal blindness and even cancer.

Essential Nutrient #4: Chromium

Chromium is an important trace mineral that assists your body in breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates as well as aids your metabolism in converting glucose to energy.

Chromium is important for your eyes too – folks who are low in this important mineral have been shown to be at a greater risk of developing increased intraocular eye pressure. Intraocular eye pressure is more and more common these days as so many people strain to look at computer screens all day long, tiring out those overused eye muscles and putting unnecessary stress upon them. If you include more chromium-rich foods in your diet, you may find that you’re straining to see and read less and less.

Foods high in chromium include beef, liver, eggs, spinach and wheat germ.

Eye Nutrition

Essential Nutrient #5: Copper Gluconate

Copper is an important trace element that your body needs to form collagen which builds our connective tissues. Copper helps our blood produce oxygen producing hemoglobin, which helps our bodies enjoy greater circulation and increased oxygen levels. Without enough copper, hemoglobin levels in your bloodstream may fall and this can lead to vision loss. Liver, seafood and beans are all foods that are high in copper.

Essential Nutrient #6: Eyebright

Eyebright is an herb long said to help eye inflammation. Eyebright can be useful as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory herb and as an astringent, as it helps to tighten the membranes around your eyes while improving circulation around them. The tannins in Eyebright help reduce inflammation and bring more vitamins A and C to your eyes. Eyebright is truly an herb with a fitting name.

Essential Nutrient #7: Ginkgo Biloba

The ancient herb ginkgo, an antioxidant, has been confirmed by numerous studies to increase blood flow to your retinas. This increased blood flow to your retinas can help to delay retinal deterioration and damage, improving your visual acuity! Ginkgo has been shown in some studies to be particularly useful to those suffering from macular degeneration and retinas damaged by diabetes.

Essential Nutrient #8: Glutathione

Like alpha-lipoic acid, glutathione is another important amino acid that also helps your eyes. This amino acid has been linked to preventing retinal disease, diabetes-induced blindness, cataracts and even glaucoma. Glutathione helps to protect the important tissue surrounding the lenses of your eyes.

If you want to get more glutathione in your diet, look to sulfur-heavy foods such as eggs, garlic and asparagus as well as watermelon and grapefruits.

Essential Nutrient #9: Lutein (containing Zeaxanthin)

Lutein, and its companion zeaxanthin, are found within the eye’s retina. They are a yellow pigment and this yellow pigment helps protect our eyes, almost like sunglasses! Lutein and zeaxanthin have been shown to lower your risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. In fact, folks with low levels of lutein have been linked with greater incidences of age-induced macular degeneration. Because blue-eyed beauties have less natural pigments in their eyes, it’s been shown that they need even more lutein and zeaxanthin in their diets.

To get more of these important nutrients in your life, look to the yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables for help. Tomatoes, carrots, and squash are all rich in lutein.

Essential Nutrient #10: N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

NAC, as N-Acetyl Cysteine is abbreviated, is another amino acid our body needs. NAC is essential in helping our body build up proteins and helps refresh our body with more of the essential glutathione amino acid that we discussed. Important to the immune system, NAC has been shown to help prevent the loss of vision and even has aided mice in not losing their ability to see in color!

Essential Nutrient #11: Quercetin

An antioxidant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, flavonoid Quercetin is a wonderful natural substance that can help protect your capillaries and prevent bruising! Quercetin has been shown to improve how your body processes vitamin C and makes it more effective for you. It has been shown to lower your risk of developing cataracts. Members of the blueberry family, like blueberries, blackberries and cherries are all high in superpower Quercetin.

Essential Nutrient #12: Rutin

Plant-based Rutin helps to strengthen your capillaries and is thought to successfully treat retinopathy. Have some buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, then, because Rutin is especially found in the buckwheat plant! You can also get your intake of Rutin from black or green tea as well as citrus fruits.

Essential Nutrient #13: Selenium

Selenium is another trace mineral necessary for our bodies to defend against infections and boost your immunity. As an antioxidant, selenium can neutralize free radical damage in your eye’s lens and macula. Studies have linked low selenium levels with development of cataracts. Selenium is important to your body’s absorption of vitamin E as well. Chicken, liver, wheat germ and garlic are all great sources of selenium.

Essential Nutrient #14: Vitamin A

Eat your carrots! It’s true: vitamin A may as well be called vitamin EYE. Vitamin A is essential to our eye health and vision. Our retinas need vitamin A to properly function and to produce the pigment rhodopsin. Vitamin A is so key to healthy eyes that poor night vision can be caused by a deficiency in this vitamin. Foods rich in vitamin A include spinach, cantaloupes and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin A can help:

your eyes adjust to changes in light
prevent blindness caused by macular degeneration
prevent the formation of cataracts
keep your eyes moist

Essential Nutrient #15: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a superpower antioxidant that has been linked to preventing cataracts by as much as 70 percent, according to one study. Vitamin C has also been shown to reduce macular degeneration and eye pressure issues in glaucoma sufferers. Though orange juice has lots of this important nutrient, you can also find vitamin C is leafy green vegetables such as kale, collards and Brussel sprouts.

Essential Nutrient #16: Vitamin E

Another superpower vitamin, vitamin E helps you to lower your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. One study suggests that daily consumption of vitamin E can reduce your risk of cataracts by as much as half!

‘Vitamin E has also been shown to protect against the damage from free radicals. In fact, one of the symptoms of a vitamin E deficiency is impaired vision. Wheat germ is your first stop when you want to eat foods that are rich in vitamin E, but don’t ignore your greens like spinach, kale and collard greens.

Essential Nutrient #17: Zinc

Zinc is important in helping our eyes convert the beta-carotene in carrots and other veggies into usable vitamin A. Our eyes have the most amount of zinc in our whole bodies and need Zinc to function properly. Oysters and red meat are highest in zinc, but vegetarians can get zinc from soy, beans and grains.

As you can see, these 17 vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements are essential to your eye health. They play a critical role in the support of your eyesight, as well as protecting against potentially blinding conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

Now the thought of trying to take a pill for each of these nutrients probably seems a bit overwhelming to say the least. Besides having to spend a small fortune, you’d spend half of your day doing nothing but swallowing pills!

And if you tried to get adequate amounts of these nutrients in your diet you’d have to consume about 10,000 calories a day!

So there’s got to be an easier way to get these 17 vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that your eyes need, right?

Take a moment to think, evaluate, the importance of Optimal Eye Vision Health…

After sorting through the masses of research and determining what nutrients you really need for clear and healthy vision, we went to one of the nation’s top supplement manufacturers and developed…

A Formula That Contains All 17 Of These Vitamins, Minerals, And Herbal Supplements In One Pill!

Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula.

Vision Supplement
It’s called the Ocu-Plus Formula and it’s what many people are calling

“the single best source of nutritional support for your eyes.”

It’s now available to you exclusively through this website.

Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts. Click Here To Learn More.

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Learn which eye vitamins naturally improve eye health. The Rebuild Your Vision Ocu-Plus Formula was designed to improve vision and eye health, and help people with Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Cataracts.

Vitamins and Supplements for Brain Power

Vitamins and Supplements for Brain Power

Vitamins and supplements for Brain Power has a natural link connection based on nutrition and energy needs, every system of the elven organ systems of the human body needs to built, rebuilt and maintained 24/7 for the entire lifespan of the human life.

Vitamins and supplements for Brain Power explained

When it comes to improving brain power, there is no better vitamin or supplement than Ginkgo Biloba. This is because Ginkgo supplements promote more oxygenated blood to flow through the tiny blood vessels in the brain, heart, and limbs than would normally occur. This additional blood flow not only helps to restore memory to the brain, but also eases muscle pain in the limbs. Ginkgo Biloba is so powerful, that in the past decade, Ginkgo supplements have been widely studied as a remedy to offset the serious effects that aging can have on the mind and body.

Vitamins and Supplements for Brain Power
Ginkgo plant seeeds

This is important, because as people age, their body’s ability to get enough oxygen rich blood to the brain decreases. This is due to the fact that later in life, capillaries become rigid and narrow, diminishing the amount of blood supplied throughout the body – including the brain. Eventually, this low blood flow can cause the onset of senility. A person with senility will experience short term memory loss, confusion, absent-mindedness, dizziness, and depression. In cases like this, doctors will usually recommend a prescription drug to remedy the situation. However, in many clinical studies, Gingko supplements have been proven to work almost as well as the pharmaceutical drugs commonly prescribed for senility. Many of the studies also went on to show that test subject ages fifty to seventy who took Ginkgo supplements experienced an increase in blood flow to the brain by 70%.

Vitamins and supplements for Brain Power with Ginkgo

In addition to increasing blood flow to the brain, Ginkgo supplements also improves peripheral circulation. For people with poor circulation, the problem of leg pain from restricted blood flow to the legs can be painful. Leg pain results when blood circulation is too weak, causing oxygen deprivation of muscles and production of toxins and free radicals. Ginkgo supplements alleviate this pain by directly stimulating the circulation. In studies on patients with leg pain due to poor circulation, patients who took Ginkgo supplements were able to walk farther and with less measured pain.

Vitamins and supplements for brain power with Ginkgo supplements

Ginkgo supplements can also slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, boost memory, lower blood pressure, restore memory loss, and raise good type HDL cholesterol. While it seems like this may be a remedy for the aged, it is never too early to start taking Ginkgo supplements before you experience the symptoms of aging. Many natural supplements like Ginkgo are best taken as preventative medicine, and are most effective when they are taken before symptoms arise. Ginkgo seems to work best for people who are just beginning to experience the decline in memory and poor blood circulation due to aging.

Many experts agree that taking Ginkgo supplements at a younger age can delay the need for more serious medicines and treatments. Taken early on, Ginkgo supplements can even lessen the permanent effects of aging on the blood vessels and the brain. Medical experts agree that a dose of Ginkgo supplements of 40 to 80 milligrams daily and started during middle age will preserve brain power well into the declining years.

This is great news for people who are starting to experience memory loss and other symptoms of aging, but aren’t quite ready for retirement. Combined with other supplements like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, and Selenium; Gingko supplements can effectively improve the signs of aging. Incredibly, these signs of improvement are noticeable after four to six weeks. While these supplements work faster for older people, it’s never too early to start taking Ginkgo Biloba supplements to boost brain power significantly.
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Vitamins and Supplements Support Vitality

Vitamins and Supplements Support Vitality

Vitamins and supplements support Vitality in living a healthy life, there really is a natural holistic way of living that stays on the tracks of what is considered to be a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits.  Eating food for the nutrition value is of greater importance than eating food for the pleasure of eating food, i hope you understand the difference. Learning to eat healthy foods will automatically also develop a sense of finding pleasure from eating natural healthy foods, therefore it is habit that supports life.

Vitamins and Supplements Support Vitality

Vitamins and Supplements Support Vitality explained

Vitamin E and Vitamin C have extraordinary anti-aging powers, but Beta Carotene is the one antioxidant that you can’t live without if you want to stay young. Beta Carotene, most commonly extracted from carrots, has extra antioxidant powers that fill in where other supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin C leave off. In fact, Beta Carotene fixes a whole host of other problems including cancer, heart disease, cataracts and failing immunity. In other words, Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly can aid with curing many health problems.

Vitamins and Supplements Support Vitality

Vitamins and supplements support Vitality with Beta carotene

Beta carotene can also be found in carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apricots and spinach, if you eat enough of these foods. If you don’t eat a lot of these fruits and vegetables, it’s best to take beta carotene supplements.

There are a lot of vitamins and supplements for youthful skin, but Beta Carotene supplements stand out above all the rest. Beta Carotene supplements keep skin younger by diffusing the youth-stealing free radicals that corrupt and destroy skin’s cell structures. Beta Carotene can also convert over to a type of Vitamin A once it is inside the body, which has anti-aging attributes of its own.

Beta Carotene supplements are also an essential antioxidant for fighting cancer. Study after study shows that people with high levels of Beta Carotene in their blood are about half as likely to get cancer as those who don’t. Beta Carotene specifically protects against cancers of the lungs, stomach, mouth, breast, and bladder. Beta Carotene is particularly helpful for smokers, who are four times less likely to develop certain lung cancers by maintaining high levels of Beta Carotene in their systems.

With long-term dosage, Beta Carotene supplements can ward off cardiovascular disease. Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly slows the progression of plaque buildup in the arteries and prevents them from getting clogged. Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly can also prevent strokes. However, it must be noted that no results are likely until Beta Carotene supplements are taken for at least two years. In order to remain effective, Beta Carotene supplements must always be taken. The Alliance for Aging Research recommends taking ten to thirty milligrams a day for life.

Healthy functioning of the immune system is one more benefit derived from taking Beta Carotene supplements. Those who take Beta Carotene supplements on a daily basis will have boosted levels of natural killer cells, T-helper cells, and activated lymphocytes. These immune cells are important in fighting cancer as well as viral and bacterial infections.

To make the power of Beta Carotene even stronger, it should be used with the other two incredible antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Used together, these three antioxidants are almost unstoppable when it comes to disease prevention. The combination of all three of these antioxidants is far better at slowing down the clogging and hardening of the arteries and thus, essentially better at preventing heart attacks and strokes. The power of three works the same way with cancer, with these three antioxidants becoming much more powerful when combined.

As you can see, Beta Carotene supplements do much more than give you younger looking skin. Over time, they can literally save your life. Again, it must be emphasized that the powers of Beta Carotene supplements can only be enjoyed with long term usage. Remember, the key word here is prevention. Beta Carotene is not a quick fix for any serious ailments and should not be substituted for real medicine. It must be used faithfully over time to achieve the incredible health benefits mentioned here.

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Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Vitamin E as a supplement to Fight Aging is a practical measure to maintain a healthy diet and take measures to prevent lapsing into indifference about lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

Are you looking for a solution to fight the aging process? Vitamin E supplements have long been used to keep people feeling and looking younger. Vitamin E is the number one supplement that is universally accepted to fight aging above all other antioxidants. In fact, the anti-aging properties of Vitamin E supplements have become legendary among researchers worldwide. The claims of success with Vitamin E supplements to fight aging have become so strong, that some medical professionals feel that Vitamin E is the most important supplement consumers should take to fight the aging process.

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Vitamin E as a supplement to Fight Aging explained

But what makes Vitamin E supplements so powerful? Vitamin E supplements fight the gradual clogging and hardening of the arteries, technically known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis occurs mainly because bad-type LDL blood cholesterol is chemically altered by attacks from free radicals in the blood stream. This chemical alteration, or oxidation, makes this cholesterol able to enter the artery walls, where it becomes plaque. This plaque then builds up on the artery walls and eventually clogs and hardens the arteries. Vitamin E enters the LDL cholesterol molecule and prohibits it from oxidizing, thus preventing heart disease in older adults.

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging and assist the immune system

Vitamin E supplements also rejuvenate the immune system. A university study on aging proves this point. A group of people over the age of sixty with poor immune systems were given Vitamin E for thirty days. The results were that their immune systems shot back up to almost the level of people in their twenties. This was an improvement of almost 80-90%. It is believed that this works because Vitamin E as a supplement helps guard the fat in the membranes of immune cells from being oxidized by free radial attacks. It must be noted that because the people in the study were not deficient in Vitamin E, it was the extra dose of Vitamin E from the supplements that caused the improvement in the test subject’s immune systems.

Vitamin E as a supplement to fight aging and prevents disease

Because it stops the free radical chain reaction that destroys cells, Vitamin E supplements fight a lot of other illnesses caused by aging as well. Vitamin E also prevents cancer and blocks the growth of cancer cells and protects the brain from degenerative diseases. It relieves arthritis symptoms; fight cataracts, and helps with decreased blood flow to the arteries. Incredibly, Vitamin E supplements are almost a one-stop shop when it comes to fighting the aging process in the human body. Vitamin E can also be applied topically to the skin as well. Vitamin E creams and lotions have all kinds of healing and anti-aging properties to reduce the look of aging.

Vitamin E as a supplement to fight aging and a precaution measure for a health

If you are suffering from any ailments caused by free radicals that are destroying healthy cells in your body, Vitamin E supplements may help stop this process. Studies show that as little as 100 IU’s of Vitamin E daily, in addition to the Vitamin E that you get from food can produce measurable results. However, in order to see real benefits, the daily dosage should be at least 400 IU’s on a daily basis. This seems to be the agreed upon amount of Vitamin E needed to effectively tackle the free radicals that may be destroying healthy cells. Studies further show that it appears safe to take up to 800 IU’s of Vitamin E a day for this purpose. However, like any alternative medication, it is important to check with a doctor before you take any dosage of Vitamin E to fight free radicals in your bloodstream to fight aging.

Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant compound that aids the body in neutralizing the harmful after-effects of oxidation of fats.
Spinach may not be your favorite veggie, but it is one of the best leafy greens you can add to your diet. Not only is it one of the best calcium foods and naturally high in folate, it’s also one of the best vitamin E foods as well. Just one cup of boiled spinach will provide you with approximately 20% of your daily needs.

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Vitamin C as a Supplement to Prevent Illness

Vitamin C as a Supplement to Prevent Illness

Vitamin C as a supplement to prevent illness can be a practical prevention step during the season when people are more likely to be sharing the bugs that are rampant in the community.

Vitamin C supplements are probably the best way to prevent common illnesses like colds and the flu. However, what most people don’t know is that Vitamin C supplements can also help with other serious illnesses like cancer, lung disease and heart disease. In fact, new studies from many of the leading medical institutions in the world continually indicate that Vitamin C, even in low doses, can give your life expectancy a major boost.

Vitamin C as a supplement to prevent illness explained

Most people may think that they get enough Vitamin C from the foods that they eat like vegetables and fruits, but they don’t. In fact, one quarter of Americans don’t get the recommended daily amount of 60 milligrams of Vitamin C that their cells need to perform basic bodily functions. The National Cancer Center urges people to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which would supply from 200 to 300 milligrams of Vitamin C; but only 9% of the American population accomplishes this. So, there are millions of people who are leaving themselves open to the possibility of illnesses that could be prevented by Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C as a Supplement to Prevent Illness

Vitamin C supplements are potent, water-soluble antioxidants that trap and disarm free radicals in the watery part of your body’s tissue. Vitamin C supplements also work to help replenish Vitamin E and help enzymes to destroy other free radicals in your system. Free radicals are the toxic molecules that eat away at healthy cells and turn them defective, which over time can cause more serious diseases like cancer.

Over one hundred and twenty studies show that Vitamin C supplements work as a form of immunization against cancer. It was found that people who consistently took Vitamin C supplements were only half as likely to develop cancer as those who didn’t. Vitamin C supplements were found to be particularly effective on cancers of the stomach, esophagus, pancreas, cervix, rectum, and breast. To effectively prevent cancer, doctors in one study recommended taking 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements per day. This is far above the suggested daily dose recommended by the National Cancer Center, so anyone attempting this kind of regimen should talk to their doctor first.

Vitamin C supplements taken on a daily basis can prevent other kinds of conditions like heart disease. The correct doses can suppress high blood pressure, raise good-type HDL cholesterol, clean deposits form artery walls, and reduce the chances of heart-attack-inducing vascular spasms. Vitamin C supplements taken on a regular basis can also reduce breathing problems like asthma, prevent periodontal disease, and improve the immune system.

Improving the immune system is the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about taking Vitamin C supplements. Of course Vitamin C supplements do a great job of this, in addition to working on all of the other maladies they prevent. The way that Vitamin C supplements work with your immune system is to gear up your body to fight infectious bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C supplements do this by boosting the white blood cells and raising the body’s level of antioxidants. Taking 500 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements per day during flu and cold season may prevent or at least lessen the likelihood of being ill during this time.

Vitamin C supplements work on so many levels to prevent disease. Although Vitamin C may be plentiful in the foods that you eat, it’s really the supplements that put you over the top when it comes to preventing disease and increasing the length and quality of life. In fact, Vitamin C supplements have been shown to help people who take them live about 6.3 years longer.

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Tips for Using Vitamins and Supplements

Tips for Using Vitamins and Supplements

Tips for using vitamins and supplements that help to maximize and release the health benefits that the vitamin supplements  contain,  to respect natural health and healthy life style is at the forefront of living a healthy life and avoiding ailments that unhealthy lifestyle causes.

Tips for Using Vitamins and Supplements explained

When you take prescribed medication, it comes with a warning label and usually an entire pamphlet explaining how to use the medication. It also comes with the advice of a doctor and a pharmacist; two medical professionals who are at your disposal if you need them. This is, however, not the case for vitamins and supplements. With vitamins, all you get in the way of directions is usually the dosage suggestion on the bottle. This can be somewhat disconcerting, especially when you consider that you are taking vitamins and supplements for health reasons. So, here are a few tips on using vitamins and supplements that you won’t find on the warning label of your vitamin bottle.

Tips for Using Vitamins and Supplements

10 Tips for Using Vitamins and Supplements

1. Always take vitamins with some kind of food.

Vitamins are not a meal substitute, they are a meal supplement. If you take vitamins or supplements on an empty stomach, they will simply wash right out of your system. Also, don’t take vitamins with fresh fruit for breakfast. The citrus acids in the fruit can change the chemical makeup of the vitamin and strip away its nutritive values.

2. Always take vitamins and supplements with water.

While it seems healthier to take them with fruit juice, all you are doing is subjecting your vitamins to a bath of citric acid, thereby stripping them of their nutrients. Also, do not take vitamins and supplements with caffeine. The caffeine will leach the nutrients out of the vitamins and they will simple flush out of your system.

3. If you miss taking your vitamins during the day, let it go.

Do not try to take the vitamins you forgot during the day before bedtime. Doing this may keep you awake all night. Also, don’t try to “make up” for the vitamins you missed the day before. Taking too many vitamins or higher dosages will not be beneficial. In fact, it may make you sick.

4. If you are taking a sports enhancement supplement, make sure that you take it as directed.

Some sports supplements need to be taken before or after a workout in order to be effective.

5. Make sure that you are not taking vitamins that conflict with each other.

When taking several different vitamins at the same time, they can actually cancel each other out; making both of them null and void. For example, taking too much extra zinc can zap the positive effects of any copper you might be taking.

6. Make sure you store your vitamins properly.

Keep them out of direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting. Too much exposure to sunlight depletes the vitamins of their nutrients, making them ineffective. Also, store supplements at the right temperature. Vitamins that have been exposed to too much heat and cold also lose their potency. Check the label. If the temperature of your refrigerator is right to store the supplements you have, then this is the best place to store them.

7. Never mix vitamins together in the same bottle.

They can merge into each other, possibly forming unknown substances.

8. Always check the expiration date.

Vitamins and supplements have a long shelf life, but once that is over, throw them out.

9. Don’t take large doses of any vitamin thinking that it will have more of an effect.

In some cases, people will take large doses of vitamin C, B-complex, and E for serious illnesses, but this should be done under the care of a doctor. Don’t try to experiment on your own to cure a serious illness with vitamins and supplements. Also, vitamins in large doses can be poisonous and even fatal.

10. Don’t use vitamins as a substitute for taking medication or going to the doctor.

Vitamin and supplements are incredible healers and prevent many illnesses; but if you have a serious medical condition, you should always try to get to a doctor first. The medical miracles that you hear about concerning vitamins and supplements are true in some cases, but like the labels say, “results may vary.” Don’t assume that your medical condition is like anyone else’s or that it can be solved by taking vitamins and supplements alone.

Remember vitamins are most helpful for preventing illness and maintaining overall health, but they are not a cure-all. A sensible diet, moderate exercise and routine checkups are still strongly recommended to achieve maximum health.

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Honeymooning in St. Thomas

Honeymooning in St. Thomas

Honeymooning in St. Thomas can be a great idea, with the right choices can deliver many desirable  romantic memories for the couples future life together.

If you are planning on getting married in the near future, it is likely that you may need to plan a honeymoon. If you haven’t already selected a location for your honeymoon, you are encouraged to examine St. Thomas. The island of St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas is most well-known for its amazing weather and tropical climates.

Honeymooning in St. Thomas plan options

If honeymooning in St. Thomas sounds interesting to you, you will have to start planning. Depending on when your wedding is, you may have a difficult time obtaining reservations at the most popular resorts in St. Thomas. This is because St. Thomas is known as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Scheduling your reservations ahead of time will ensure that you will be able to stay at the resort of your choice.

Honeymooning in St. Thomas
Google free pics search

When selecting a honeymoon destination it is likely that you will take a number of factors into consideration. You may be wondering why St. Thomas is the perfect place for you and your new spouse to vacation. In addition to the above mentioned tropical climates, you will find that the scenery in St. Thomas is absolutely beautiful. When combined with a tropical climate, the ocean views are sure to create a romantic atmosphere.

Honeymooning in St. Thomas with the choice honeymoon suite

When planning your honeymoon you are encouraged not to make the same mistake that most other newlyweds make. This mistake involves picking a vacation destination that is overrun with children. Your honeymoon is supposed to be a private, intimate, and romantic event. You may find it difficult to focus on romance when there are a large number of children running around the area. Another reason why St. Thomas is such a popular honeymoon destination is because a number of hotel resorts have age restrictions.

Vacationing at a resort that has an age restriction in place has an unlimited number of benefits. At these resorts you may find it easier to focus on your romance. In addition to restricting guests, many of these resorts cater specifically to couples. If you vacation at a resort that caters to couples, you are likely to see that the atmosphere is romantic. Many of these resorts create that atmosphere by offering ocean views and in-room Jacuzzis.

While on your honeymoon, it is likely that you will want private moments, but on the other hand, you may wish to get out and be active. St. Thomas has an unlimited number of activities that you can participate in. Many of these activities offer adventure and excitement. If you wish, you can enjoy a guided boat tour, snorkeling tour, or scuba diving tour.

Honeymooning in St. Thomas like two dynamo’s

In addition to fun filled adventures, you will see that St. Thomas offers a wide range of other activities. Swimming, boating, sunbathing, golfing, and spa visits are just a few of the many ways that you can fill up your day. At night, if you wish to party and socialize, you will find that St. Thomas is home to a number of trendy bars and nightclubs. These bars and nightclubs is the perfect way to closeout your evenings.
The above mentioned reasons are just a few of the many reasons why St. Thomas is the perfect place to schedule your honeymoon. After comparing alternative destinations, it is likely that you will be back to schedule your St. Thomas honeymoon reservations.

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Traveling Around the St. Thomas Island

Traveling Around the St. Thomas Island

Traveling Around the St. Thomas Island which is located in the Virgin Islands, is a popular vacation destination. If you are interested in planning a vacation to St. Thomas, there are a number of important decisions that you will have to make. One of those decisions involves travel.

When it comes to travel, there are many individuals who only are concerned with how they will get to St. Thomas. While it is important to know how you will get to the island, you will also need to know what you will do once you arrive there. Even if you are staying at a beach resort that offers a large number of onsite activities, services, and facilities, it is still likely that you will want to get out and see what St. Thomas has to offer. Before you can do that, you will need to develop a travel plan.

Traveling Around the St. Thomas Island
The Cathedral Church of St Thomas

As with many other popular vacation destinations, St. Thomas has a wide range of travel methods. Many of these travel options you can do yourself, but others may require the assistance of others. To determine which method of travel will be best for you while on vacation in St. Thomas, you are encouraged to fully examine each method of travel. Once you have familiarized yourself the advantages and disadvantage of each, you can make an informed decision.

Traveling Around the St. Thomas Island with your own set of wheels

One of the most popular ways to get around the St. Thomas island is to drive yourself. Since you flew into the area, you will have to arrange a car rental. Car rentals are available all around St. Thomas. When renting a vehicle, you may have to obtain a new auto insurance policy. This auto insurance policy is only temporarily, but it is needed in St. Thomas. You will find that most United States insurance companies do not cover driving in foreign counties.

The biggest advantage of driving yourself around is that you will have complete freedom with where you can go. Driving is also nice in St. Thomas because of the size of the island. During your vacation stay, you can easily drive the whole length of the island. You may find this exciting because it may enable you to get a chance to view the whole island.

Traveling Around the St. Thomas Island on a bus

While driving in St. Thomas is popular, there are many individuals who are uncomfortable driving or they are unable to altogether. An alternative to driving yourself is taking a bus. Buses departure and arrive at popular vacation destinations in St. Thomas on a daily basis. In addition to transporting vacationers from the airport to their destination, bus route can often take you right into the most popular shopping centers. For the most part, bus travel is the most cost effective way to travel in St. Thomas.

In addition to taking a bus, it is also possible to travel around the island in a cab. Taxi cabs are a great way to see St. Thomas; however, they can be a costly way to travel. Apparently, in St. Thomas a number of taxi cab drivers do not monitor the distance that they travel. Unlike taxi cabs in the Untied States, meters are not used. This means that you will need to be careful when taking a cab. It may be best to request the cost of travel before you even step inside the vehicle.

Traveling Around the St. Thomas Island on a bike cycle

The above mentioned methods of travel are the most popular in St. Thomas; however, they are not the only ways that you can get around. When making travel arrangements, many vacationers do not even consider traveling around St. Thomas by foot or bicycle. If you are in a popular area of St. Thomas you may find everything you need located close to your hotel or resort. If this is the case, you may want to consider walking to your destination or renting a bicycle. You can easily rent a bicycle for the day or for your whole stay.

Whether chose to travel around St. Thomas by foot, bike, bus, taxi cab, or car rental, you are sure to get where you need to go. Each method of travel is effective. The best method for you will all depend on where you want to go and how much you want to pay to travel.

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Creative St. Thomas Vacation

Creative  St. Thomas Vacation

Creative  St. Thomas Vacation is one where you have done the research about St Thomas and know exactly what is available at the time of your holiday and also knowing what you want form your holiday.

Located in the Caribbean, the island of St. Thomas is a popular vacation destination. If you are planning a vacation in St. Thomas you may be wondering how you can make the most out of your vacation. There are a number of different ways that you can make the most out of your St. Thomas vacation. Many of those ways requires a small amount of research and planning ahead.

Creative St. Thomas Vacation
St Thomas Islands

Creative  St. Thomas Vacation in advance

The easiest way to make the most out of your St. Thomas vacation is to decide what you want to do and see before you arrive in St. Thomas. If you have never vacationed in St. Thomas before, you will need to familiarize yourself with the area. The good news about researching St. Thomas is that it is a popular vacation destination. This popularity has lead to a large number of online travel guides and resources.

In addition to researching St. Thomas online, you should be able to request travel brochures. Most of these brochures will be delivered directly to your door. When requesting travel brochures, it is important to keep in mind that it may take some time for the brochures to arrive. You are advised to request St. Thomas travel brochures at least two months before you plan on leaving.

Creative  St. Thomas Vacation with peak interest

When examining what St. Thomas has to offer, you will need to be on the lookout for activities or events that peak your interest. The easiest way to make the most out of your St. Thomas vacation is to find and participate in any events or activities that you feel you’d enjoy. These activities may include, but should not be limited to boating, swimming, hiking, biking, or scuba diving.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with St. Thomas, you are also encouraged to make sure that you bring along enough money with you. Running out of money while on vacation is almost a surefire way to ruin your vacation. If you are unsure how much money you should bring with you to St. Thomas, you can easily estimate. Taking into consideration food, drinks, shopping, and entertainment, you should be able to estimate the appropriate amount of money that will needed.

Creative  St. Thomas Vacation with all things taken care of

The accommodations that you make can also make or break your vacation. If you are interested in spending more than a week in St. Thomas, you are encouraged to schedule your travel and hotel accommodations well in advance. It is also advised that you familiarize yourself with the airline you plan on taking to St. Thomas and the hotel or resort that you plan on staying at.

St. Thomas is most known for its beautiful beachside resorts. While most resorts are considered top-of-the-line resorts, not all are. You are encouraged to know where you will be staying and what you can expect. Reviewing online pictures of the hotel or resort you wish to vacation at is the best way to ensure that you will not be disappointed. The same should be said when making travel accommodations. Knowing who you are flying with and what your flight will be like is the best way to make the most out of traveling to St. Thomas.
No matter where you vacation, the possibility of having a bad vacation always exists. Simply by making the proper travel arrangements and by knowing what to expect, you can make sure that your vacation is everything that you wanted it be.

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